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My Free Webstore (MFW), a division of, has launched an amazing program that earns money for fund raising or for any reason. The Free Store Club (FSC) based in Lexington, NC, is giving away “Free Internet Webstores” as the perfect way to generate tremendous income from online shopping.

Each FSC Webstore is fully stocked with high demand products ideal for fast, profitable fundraisers and includes secure credit card processing. Owners do not need a merchant account to process orders and merchandise can be drop-shipped directly to customers at no additional cost to store owners. 

Schools, churches, sports teams, reunions, organizations, home-based entrepreneurs and virtually anyone can have a money making Webstore in minutes. Storeowners can quickly generate profits by inviting friends, co-workers, neighbors, out of town relatives, and other supporters to shop at their Free Webstore 24-hours a day. Profits from sales are automatically sent to owners each month. Storeowners may also order the products at wholesale member prices and sell them to the public offline at retail for IMMEDIATE income! 

In addition to retail profits, FSC Premium storeowners are empowered with the awesome ability to create long-term residual income simply by GIVING AWAY free stores!

If anyone wants to profit from the Internet, they need a store. FSC/MFW is the FREE solution!

Interested parties are welcome to visit our Free Store Club website for further information.

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